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Missoula Green Taxi

Missoula Green Taxi offers prompt and reliable taxi services in the community of Missoula, MT. We are Missoula's only hybrid taxi cab service, and we provide citizens and guests of Missoula with a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly transportation option.

Taxi Service - Missoula, MT - Missoula Green Taxi

Missoula Green Taxi's Rates Are:

  • $ 5 passenger pick - up ( regardless of where you are )
  • $ 2.50 per mile or $0.25 per .10 mile
  • $ 1.50 per mile after the first 25 miles

We are locally owned by Missoulians, Mick and Jessica Murray, who understand the importance of sustainable living. We are also proud members of the Sustainable Business Council in Missoula, Montana.

Call Missoula Green Taxi at 406-728-TAXI (8294) for your queries on our taxi services. Please do visit our website at www.missoulagreentaxi.com for full details.

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Missoula Green Taxi-Missoula, MT area
Missoula Green Taxi

Missoula, MT area

Methods of Payment:
We accept cash